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Shut ‘er down for good! Please!

My brother from another mother, John Stossel hit the nail on the head Wednesday.

Not only am I not panicked at the thought of another week of “Government Shutdown,” I admit to being enthusiastically in favor of it. Permanently. As a matter of fact, as Stossel points out, the longer we go without these “essential Government services” the more people will come around to our way of thinking and ask, “Why do we need them at all?”

And THAT is what politicians of BOTH parties fear the most: a day when the American public decides we don’t need, want and won’t pay for Government intrusion, roadblocks and mothering anymore.

Sequestration, shutdown, debt ceiling. So while the ruling political class has $millions of reasons to try and scare us into believing how catastrophic these things are and actively plots to make visible and painful cuts in an effort to find our weakness, stand strong America and face down these political terrorists.

I, for one, do not respond to threats from Government and consider the past week one of the greatest in American history. Let’s go for two weeks!