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I didn’t expect better of Obama for addressing ‘phony scandals’

Thanks for clearing this up, Mr. President!

You see, I thought it was worthwhile to understand how and why a U.S. Ambassador was killed in Libya, and what was done to prevent it.

I also thought it reasonable to know if the IRS was abusing its power and why they decided to target political groups for scrutiny.

And I certainly thought it relevant to find out that, under your direction, the NSA feels the need to assume I am a terrorist and spy on me until they can prove I’m not.

Of course, blind defenders of this president will agree that none of these “scandals” matter and is obviously driven by racism and partisan politics. Conversely, those who hate President Barack Obama will blame his socialist/Kenyan roots as all the proof they need to indict him.

Lump me with the vast majority in the middle, who while not specifically blaming the president for this triumvirate of misdeeds, are disappointed by his repeating of the talking point “phony scandals,” thereby dismissing offhand the very real issues we deserve answers on.

Not like I expected anything better.