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Zimmerman rescue effort shouldn’t be fodder for ledger keepers

If only it were so simple.

As soon as news of George Zimmerman stopping to render aid at a car-accident scene broke, the predictable responses started. “See, he’s not a bad guy” is the consensus approach from people oddly invested in his side of the case.

Almost instantly social media was flooded with links to the story as if to rub the noses of the Trayvon Martin supporters in it. Because in this day and age the only acceptable response to hyperbolic claims of “racism” are equally hyperbolic “evidence” to the contrary.

And therein lies the problem.

George Zimmerman is neither an angel nor the devil. Trayvon Martin isn’t the world’s most innocent 17-year- old nor a “gangsta.” In the real world, subtleties rule the day and various degrees of gray shade this case and all the players in it.

I’m glad Mr. Zimmerman stopped and helped the victim of a car accident, as he should, but it neither proves nor disproves either side’s case, regardless of how much you want it.