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Why I don’t like Al Sharpton

I don’t need more reasons to dislike Al Sharpton, but I got another one anyway.

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday morning that requires Congress to apply modern standards to an ancient issue, Mr. Sharpton rang the race bell and warned that we were headed back to a time when blacks couldn’t vote. That’s right, DESPITE the fact that minorities voted in record numbers in the past few elections, despite the fact we have an African American president and despite the fact that African-American’s are currently in elected office in ALL of the states affected by this, the “White Devil” is coming to take away your right to vote.

And in case anyone was unclear at exactly what Mr. Sharpton was angling at, he invoked Dr. Martin Luther King’s name and made the fantastic conclusion that by asking Congress to write a provision of the Voting Rights Act that takes into account 40-plus years of racial progress, the Supreme Court has “cancelled the Dream”.

Give me a break.

I get it that America will never be a place worth celebrating to Mr. Sharpton, but thankfully the Supreme Court can rise above the pandering and race-baiting that exists in Congress and apply some logic to this law.

As usual, a good rule of thumb is that if Al Sharpton is opposed to something, I’m enthusiastically in support of it. And vice versa. Worked pretty well so far.