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Coffee mug stirs up trouble

You’d think people would have something more important to get worked up over. Advocacy groups honestly believe that a coffee mug, printed to look like a prescription bottle, will lead to the misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers.


While I do not deny that prescription drug overdoses and abuse are a real problem, it strikes me as odd that they think this is where they should focus their energy. The next (and first) time I hear of someone drinking their bottle of Vicodin after being influenced by a coffee mug, we’ll talk.

Coffee mugs are quickly becoming the last bastion of comedy and we must defend this medium before all the “World’s Greatest Dad” and “Hang in there, Friday’s coming” mugs go the way of the lawn dart.

Meanwhile, in the time it took for you to read this, 1,000 new prescriptions for painkillers were written because someone’s toe hurts. We’re doing it wrong.