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I hate being proven right

Benghazi. IRS. Associated Press. “Scandals” by some definitions, I call them proof of Government ineptitude and corruption.

Told ya so.

Granted I started with the belief that Government IS the problem and President Obama’s desire for a larger, more intrusive role in my life has been a point of contention from the start. It’s a fundamental belief that I am a better judge of what is right (or better) for me as opposed to an entire floor of paper pushers in Washington D.C.

So what have we learned from the past few weeks?

If you are an Ambassador or a member of the Diplomatic Corps, you are effectively in charge of your own security. Don’t expect help to come running just because you called for it, we may need to convene a “working group” first to discuss the pros and cons of getting involved in your emergency. Oh, and don’t expect anyone to tell the truth afterwards especially if there is an election to be won.

If you are the party in power, it is perfectly acceptable to use all the tools, branches and power of Government to punish and marginalize your opposition or detractors. The end justifies the means and if fewer groups can raise money, organize and or basically cause trouble for the party in power, it’s perfectly acceptable.

And if you are abusing power, stealing or generally wasting tax payers’ dollars, just stamp your work “Top Secret”. This won’t stop anyone from finding out about your wrong-doing, but it will allow the Government to go after the reporters who exposed it. That’ll teach ‘em.

So while some are “shocked and dismayed” by the recent scandals, don’t put me in that group. Rather, I’d like to ask you what has Big Government ever done to make you think they WOULDN’T act this way?