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My bigger issue with the IRS scandal

Do I think President Obama ordered the IRS to make life hard on the Tea Party? No.

Is it an impeachable offense? Get real.

But I do think it reveals a bigger problem that crosses party lines and should concern ALL Americans: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

On Twitter, Bette Midler cheered the IRS for going after the Tea Party, apparently ignorant of the fact that the party in power changes from time to time in Washington. And if she is OK with an arm of government exacting revenge on a political rival in 2013, she better not be surprised when, under President Rubio, the IRS decides to audit her taxes…for the past 11 years.

My “trust” is government can’t go much lower, therefore this story neither shocks nor surprises me. Sadly, I expect it with our current political culture and don’t see much change ahead. The ends justify the means rules the day in politics and for all the complaints about what happened last year, the Democrats still won the White House. Mission accomplished.

Every American citizen should be outraged anytime the United States federal government starts acting like some tin-pot dictatorship by pitting the people against one another and using its own agencies to intimidate, punish and hold on to power.

Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes