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Another ‘American Dream is Dead’ column

If you believe the promise that has been made to every generation of Americans that THEY will have a higher standard of living, more security and a better life than their parents, then prepare to be disappointed. By almost every measure we have hit a stone wall and at best have stalled, and at worst are slipping backwards.

Author and columnist Robert J. Samuelson refers to it as “The Twilight of Entitlement” and not just the commonly held definition of social welfare “entitlements.” I tend to agree with his assertion that, by and large, we have been lied to by politicians and leaders with a vested interest in telling us everything is coming up roses, and that we will continue along that path forever and ever, amen.

Our expectations and attitudes about what it’s like to live in and be an “American” have never been more out of whack with reality.

Sorry if I’m the first to tell you, but a college degree, willingness to work hard and playing by the rules DOES NOT guarantee success in America. Or anywhere else for that matter. You are NOT entitled to a job for life, a home of your own, two cars in the garage and a retirement age of 65, at least not the way our system of government is set up today.

And as government struggles to find new promises to engage voters, we are being sold ideals that are neither achievable nor affordable. Maybe the saddest part is the fact that as we are undergoing this huge transformation as a society, our leaders keep selling us on a set of goals and expectations that date back to the 1960s.

Those days aren’t coming back and the sooner we start dealing with reality the better of we’ll all be. Or we could just smile and clap along the next time someone tells you they are “fighting for the American Dream” in order to get your vote. Ugghhh.