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And this is the thanks we get?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai took the occasion of newly-minted Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s first official overseas visit to accuse the United States of colluding with the Taliban.

He actually made the argument that America is purposely trying to stir up violence and scare the public into believing the country will come apart at the seams the minute the last American troop leaves sometime next year.

This would be laughable if it didn’t come the same day two more Americans were killed by an Afghan “soldier” who turned a weapon on them as they attended a meeting geared towards getting better training for Afghans.

What EXACTLY is it going to take for us to pack up EVERY American soldier, advisor and hanger-on and leave this godforsaken country behind. I cannot be the only American who no longer cares whatsoever what becomes of Afghanistan, although my prediction of “screw up beyond belief” seems like a safe bet for the next 300 years.

You add to this the unbelievably cold, callous and ungrateful remarks made by the president of this wasteland that dishonor those who have served and died in an attempt to make Afghanistan something other than the worst place on Earth.

There is nothing left to “win,” nothing more to be gained and the only measuring stick for Afghanistan is losses, sadly in American lives. Oh, and a president and country that no longer wants or values our participation.

Leave. Now.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes