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I’ve gotta do what??!

It’s hard enough to find a job these days, and for many people the promise of medical benefits is a huge factor in choosing or changing employers.

Well, guess what? Employers know this, benefits costs continue to go through the roof and according to a recent business survey, 15 percent of employers require workers to undergo biometric screenings, have their waistlines measured and literally put on a scale. That number is only going to go up.

The argument is you must first diagnose the problem before you can address it, and that seems reasonable. What might be obvious to others is still a mystery to some people, although I’d argue a XXXL shirt is a good indicator of a larger issue.

After all, if you aren’t going to take responsibility for your health, why should your employer be on the hook financially? And while I do not think it serves the greater good to punish people for bad numbers on a scale or test, I would like to see more companies reward employees for achieving health goals or maintaining their health with lower premiums or bonuses.

Like it or not, the days of the “free ride” are rapidly coming to an end and each of us will be a lot more invested in our health costs. You can thank the Affordable Care Act and the law of unintended consequences for that.

And to be clear, I will defend your right to drink, smoke and supersize every meal you have but I cannot defend your belief that I should have to pay for it.