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Lulu app allows women rate men

The Lulu app has become a popular tool for single, straight women to rate the men in their lives as well as review other men, which is certainly pertinent during this Valentine’s Day season.

According to The Huffington Post, Alexandra Chong’s Lulu app encourages women to login through Facebook to make certain that the users are females only. From there, the app enables women to categorize men’s best and worst qualities based on elements such as appearance, commitment level and sense of humor. The app provides a limited drop-down list of possible responses that acts as a failsafe against any excessive critiquing of the male gender.

“Should a guy not do well in a particular category, then they can change their behavior,” Chong said in a BuzzFeed Shift article.

However, there are others like BuzzFeed’s Katie Heaney who articulated their negativity toward this app, particularly with regard to what is deemed as “good” and “bad” male qualities.

“It’s not that wanting these things in a romantic partner is unreasonable, necessarily: It’s that seeing the qualities laid bare in hashtag form feels reductive (quite literally) and uncomfortably game-y,” she said in her BuzzFeed FWD. “It feels like Magic: The Gathering but with boys. But worse.”

Lulu’s FAQ division directly addresses the skeptics and cynics of this app:

Lulu is cheeky, but definitely not evil. Our quiz is sweet, not tacky or vulgar. We know what girls talk about when they discuss their latest crush… we’re just making it easier to have that discussion. Call him out on bad behavior. Give him credit for being a true gentleman. Either way, Reviews are a quick, fun way to contribute the collective wisdom for women everywhere.