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Why are we fine with the exploitation of Sandy Hook?

It started the day of the Newtown tragedy: Rabid reporters shoving cameras and microphones into the faces of terrified children outside Sandy Hook Elementary.

Rightly, most people were appalled at the idea that this little kids would be thrust into the limelight after having witnessed the worst school shooting in our nation’s history.

So why is it suddenly fine for these same kids to be paraded about and held up as some symbol of healing, a symbol they didn’t sign up for?

It started with the Super Bowl and continues this week with the Grammys, where they will sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and possibly end up on stage with Carly Rae Jepson to help out with “Call Me Maybe.”

Perfect. Nothing shows respect and reverence for those lost than dragging first- through fifth-graders around in order to make ourselves feel better.

I’ve seen it described as America’s pornographic obsession with tragedy, and nothing exemplifies it more than this type of exploitation.