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Kirk Gibson’s son went through graduation without his Dad and I can relate

While I can’t claim to understand Kirk Gibson’s
relationship with his son, or his own upbringing,
understand the sentiment.

I grew up in Tucson with my Dad, who was decidedly absent
many of my life milestones.

My vague memories of high school graduation were of
attending alone, picking up my diploma
and going home. That’s it, the whole thing took less than

While others posed for pictures amongst throngs of
friends and family, made plans for a celebratory dinner
otherwise lived it up, graduation was no big deal at my

I WAS expected to graduate; in fact I was never aware
there was another option. That attitude towards life
milestones carried over to birthdays, holidays and other
events my friends seemed to be celebrating on a regular

It should come as no surprise that the example set
for me by my Dad influences my views on these “milestones”
today and while I have no problem with Mr. Gibson’s
I wonder if he knows how it will affect his son later in

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