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Ignorance and stupidity

Ignorance and stupidity aren’t synonymous, but they go together for a lot of members of Congress.

Republican Representative David McKinley of West Virginia offered an amendment to a Pentagon funding bill that expressly forbids the Defense Department from spending any money to assess the potential harm climate change might do to our national security. It passed 231 to 192.

The Pentagon’s concern about climate change goes back to the George W. Bush presidency, when the Department of Defense concluded that climate change poses a significant threat to the nation’s security. Just two months ago, the Pentagon released a report that concludes the impacts of climate change will increase the security threats we face. But apparently, 231 members of the House would rather keep their heads buried in the sand.

All five Democrats in the Arizona delegation voted against the amendment. All four Republicans voted for it. If you are represented by one of them, and would like to let them know you think choosing ignorance over knowledge is stupid, here are their e-mail addresses:

4th District Representative Paul Gosar:

5th District Representative Matt Salmon:

6th District Representative David Schweikert:

8th District Representative Trent Franks: