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GM’s recalls

We’re up to 29 for this year alone. If you’re not reading this on May 21, 2014, it could be higher.

It’s obvious General Motors is going through every memo, file and e-mail looking for any hint of problems. This latest recall covers cars that were last built in 2008. A recall Tuesday involved just 58 vehicles.

I don’t know about you, but as the owner of a 2001 GM vehicle, I actually feel pretty good about what they’re doing. But it makes me wonder what the other car companies would find if they went through all of their memos, files and e-mails and then acted as aggressively as GM is.

It also affirms my view that the deregulation drum beat over the past 30 years hasn’t served us well. Companies are in business to make money, and the temptation to inflate or protect the bottom line often leads to bad behavior, even illegal behavior. I don’t want government to stifle creativity and progress, but I do want government to protect me from dangerous products, dirty air and water, and greedy financiers who get so big they have the power to crash the economy.