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Put up or shut up

The Republican controlled House recently voted again to kill Obama Care. That makes 41 attempts to scuttle the health care law.

After the most recent vote, I had a vague recollection that the Republicans had promised to come up with a better plan. I was right. Just 16 days into the current session of Congress, on January 19, 2012, the House voted for the first time to ditch Obama Care. The next day, they passed House Resolution 9 instructing committees “to develop legislation replacing the job-killing health care law.”

After 20 months of what I’m sure was very challenging and difficult work on a very complicated subject, the Republicans have come up with…zip. Nada. Nothing.

The official website of the House Republican majority says, “Committees are currently doing their work to hold hearings and examine solutions to lower costs, increase access to quality care, and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.” No they aren’t and I’ll bet they never were.

The Republican House majority was never serious about offering an alternative to Obama Care and has been happy for the past 20 months to just sit in the stands, criticize and obstruct. I think it’s time to clean house and get some people in there who are serious about facing and solving the real problems we have in this country. If they aren’t ready to put up, then they should shut up and voters should send them home.


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