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There’s an old saying in my business about yesterday’s news — nothing is more boring. But I found a fun, interesting exception. It’s called Retro Report.

Remember Y2K? Tawana Brawley? Tailhook? The Flavr Savr tomato? They were all big stories back in the day and like all big stories, faded into history. Retro Report first refreshes your memory, then updates the story with the consequences we missed.

There are two stories of particular interest to us here in the West. Wild Horse Wars begins back in 1971 when Congress passed a bill to protect wild mustangs. The program has worked so well that today, the Bureau of Land Management is sinking under the burden of caring for thousands of horses.

Biosphere 2: An American Odyssey hits a lot closer to home. Were the people who closed themselves off in a sealed environment near Tucson for two years scientists or kooks? Did we learn anything worthwhile?

The reports are as professional as anything you’ll see on network TV and presented in nice, bite-sized chunks of 10 to 15 minutes. Plus, no commercials.