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If you see something…

…say something.

As I watched and listened to the continuing coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, I thought, “Someone must have seen something.”

And then I realized, maybe not.

The bombs went off two hours after the leading runners finished the race. That left far fewer people at the finish line. I’m sure most were family and friends of those who had yet to cross the line. Their attention would be focused on the runners still coming down Boylston Street.

The video of the bomb nearest to the finish line appears to show the blast origin well back from the street, next to the building. Maybe nobody did see someone put down a bag or a backpack and walk away.

Right now, we have to be patient as the investigators finish their work. I’m sure they will find whoever was responsible.

Meantime, we have learned again there are crazy, angry, dangerous people in the world and we can’t all be protected from them all the time.

If I see something, I will say something. You, too?