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Props to…

Republican state senator Steve Pierce of Prescott.

He’s quoted in a story in Saturday’s issue of The Arizona Republic. I’ll give you the quote in a moment. The story lays out the difficulties many Republicans are having with the proposed state expansion of Medicaid, and therefore the broader issue of health care in our country (Which is a mess).

We pay more and get less than any other industrialized country in the world. If you pay taxes or go to the doctor, you should read Time Magazine’s cover story on health care. It’s a complicated issue, so the story is a long one but more than worth your time.

Senator Pierce has decided Arizona should take Washington up on its offer to support an expansion of Medicaid, despite the very real political risks that decision represents for him.

His comment?

“I was sent here to do a job, not keep a job.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to post that somewhere in the halls of Congress where members could see it every day?