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Survey: Justin Bieber is Arizona’s least favorite musician

While there are many topics that split the nation in half — politics, the color of a dress, just to name a couple — few matters bring people closer together than mutual hatred.

A survey conducted by asked more than 25,000 people nationwide who their least favorite musicians were.

Two Canadian musicians — pop star Justin Bieber and rock group Nickelback — topped the charts as the most-hated musicians in the U.S.

Bieber, named the worst in 27 states, came out on top while Nickelback came in a close second with 23 states and the District of Colombia ranking them last.

Arizona was a part of the majority, choosing Bieber as the least-favorite musician. The 21-year-old has made headlines in recent years for his infamous antics, such as getting arrested for a DUI and repeatedly vandalizing his neighbor’s home, transforming him from tween pop star to punk adolescent.

As for Nickelback, Americans have apparently decided that they’re tired of the “How You Remind Me” group.

Sorry Canada, you can take them back now.