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Goats loose in Seattle, but after #LlamaWatch hardly anyone cares

Nice try, Seattle, but the Valley still wins the Internet for animals-on-the-loose stories.

A month after llamas went on a nonrampage through the streets of a West Valley community, the Northwest was treated to goat herding in Seattle on Thursday.

Seattle police said 10 goats were not kidding around (please, as if you weren’t thinking that) when they got out of their yard.

The rogue goats went after some children during their foray into life on the streets.

But were they splashed all over national TV, or videos or the subject of hilarious memes?

They weren’t. And they apparently didn’t even put up much of a fight. The llamas evaded the long arm of the law for hours. HOURS.

Llamas 1, Goats 0.