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Orchestra meets rock: Trinity Orchestra performs Gorillaz melody

Trinity Orchestra, Ireland’s only fully student-run orchestra, returned to the stage to wow audiences once again.

The symphony orchestra for Trinity College Dublin has recently gained recognition and notoriety for creating orchestral melodies from popular artists such as Daft Punk and Pink Floyd.

This past November, they decided to return with their most anticipated and adventurous project — performing a melody of the English virtual band, Gorillaz.

The melody featured “Rock the House”, “Clint Eastwood” and “19/2000” from the band’s second album, “Demon Days.”

Composer Éna Brennan, who graduated from Trinity in 2013 with a Masters in Philosophy in Composition, arranged the melody to fit a full orchestra, band and singers.

Although the performance was filmed last November, the video was posted Tuesday.

Trinity Orchestra is not slowing down anytime soon. In May, they will be performing alongside DJ Richie Hawtin at Forbidden Fruit 2015.