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Prank caller sings ‘Fresh Prince’ theme song on C-SPAN airwaves

Somewhere Will Smith is smiling.

In perhaps the most entertaining moment to ever occur on C-SPAN’s joyless airwaves, a host fielding viewers’ phone calls asking how much influence Congress should have in negotiations with Iran was “Fresh Prince’d” by a man calling himself Jack Strickland.

Posing as a caller from Maryland, Strickland begins the call by subtly referencing the opening lyrics from the theme song of the 1990s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, before eventually attempting to recite the song in its entirety.

Unfortunately for Strickland and the tens of other viewers watching at the time, the host abruptly cut the call and smoothly refocused the discussion on the topic at hand.

One can only hope that Strickland strikes again, maybe next time with a rendition of the Hanging with Mr. Cooper theme song.