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Social experiment aims to show ‘love has no labels’

The Ad Council published a video Tuesday that has already gained significant popularity on YouTube.

The video features a large screen in an undisclosed public space with two people at a time standing behind it. The crowd on the other side of the X-ray screen can only see two skeletons, so they’re unaware of what kind of people are on display.

The “skeletons” hug, kiss and dance, and then each comes around the side to reveal themselves in full. You’ll see all kinds of duos in the video: elderly couples, same-sex couples, interracial couples, disabled individuals, young kids of different ethnicities and a pair from vastly different religious backgrounds.

The point being driven home is love has no labels, and that everybody’s essentially the same on the inside. There is even a website accompaniment to the video that expounds on the campaign’s concept.