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Pranking the Oscars: One comedian’s tale

Many people dream of winning an Oscar, and one of those dreamers experienced the glory on the biggest night in Hollywood.

Sort of. Comedian Mark David Christenson, who has never directed, produced or starred in a movie, managed to convince strangers that he had won an Academy Award.

Turns out pranking Oscars is pretty easy.

Yahoo News reports Christenson paraded around Oscar night with a fake trophy and camera crew. He celebrated at bars and even got into an exclusive VIP after party.

If there’s one takeaway to be had from the video, it’s that people simply get excited by the sight of a statue — even if they have no idea who’s holding it. And when they get that amped up, it’s easy to fool them.

Christenson pretended to be different winners from smaller categories and got a ton of free gifts, including drinks and a car to drive around.