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Gun enthusiasts re-create Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’ with pistols, rifles

There’s covering a popular song and then there’s this.

When Anna Kendrick’s song, “Cups,” debuted in the 2012 film “Pitch Perfect,” the Internet nearly exploded. People couldn’t get enough of the song and a 2013 music video quickly garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Shortly after, the covers began. Most were mediocre, lost to the annals of the Internet, while a select few went viral.

Though it’s been 18 months since the song was released online, Black Flag Tactical, a website for gun enthusiasts and supporting veterans, decided to make their own unique, high-powered cover of the song.

In lieu of cups, Black Flag decided to use guns. Maybe their cover should just be called “Guns?” That or “Merica.”