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College student gets kisses aplenty with makeshift mistletoe contraption

How do you get that person you have your eye on underneath a mistletoe for a requisite kiss?

One young man has his own answer to that conundrum: You bring the mistletoe to them.

Blake Grigsby recently created what he calls a “misletoe kissing contraption,” which is basically a PVC pipe that sticks out of his backpack and hangs the smooch-inducing plant directly in front of him.

Grigsby has posted a video on YouTube of him taking the contraption out into a busy public area in Chicago, and he gets kiss after kiss. Some are quick ones on the lips, while others are on the cheek. Even a few males get in on the action, although mostly for comedic effect.

The most surprising encounter was a couple taking the opportunity to make out in front of him. Uncomfortable, to say the least.

The Huffington Post says Grigsby is a college student and and aspiring comedian. He is also behind several other videos that have gone viral.

The mistletoe video has proved to be another success for the DePaul University student, as it has more than 1 million views and 8 thousand likes on YouTube since it was posted Dec. 10.