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Shaq shares Easy Bake Oven recipes to promote Toys for Tots gift drive

It’s a good thing former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal’s plea to make this Christmas a happier one for millions of kids is better than his cooking skills.

In an online ad, Shaq asked people to provide presents for the Toys for Tots Foundation in order to benefit the nearly 15 million kids who otherwise won’t receive a Christmas gift this year.

In doing so, the former Phoenix Suns center shared two of his favorite Easy Bake Oven recipes. He demonstrated how to create bread pudding, in which he used technical language such as advising viewers to “use the thing-a-ma-jiggy” on the oven to avoid burning themselves.

Shaq’s bread pudding seemed to turn out OK, but we can’t say the same for his tea cakes, which he recommended preparing “when you invite your bros over for tea” while watching the game. Sadly, the completed product became stuck in the oven, and Shaq tried to jiggle it free, to no avail.