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Santa Cops: Routine traffic stops result in early holiday cheer

No one likes getting pulled over.

The flashing lights, the handing over of your license, registration and insurance card, the potential for fines and other punishments — getting pulled over is far from a holiday gift.

For those unfortunate (or in this case, fortunate) enough to be pulled over on a snowy day in Lowell, Michigan, their day was about to become much brighter than they ever could imagine.

In the midst of asking for the usual documentation, the officer chats with drivers about what they are getting their children, or what they want for themselves, this holiday season. While the driver engages in small talk, over at a nearby Walmart, those exact gifts are being purchased.

Whether it was a new toy, scooter or XBOX One for the kids, or a new TV or gift cards for the adults, the Lowell Police provided a little holiday cheer for its residents.

Just before the officer sent the driver on his or her merry way, he returned to the vehicle with the exact gifts discussed.

The looks on the driver’s faces are priceless.

A little holiday cheer courtesy of the Lowell Police Department.