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Jiff the Pomeranian dressed like Elvis inspires ‘Burning Love’ in all

Elvis may be famous for his track about hound dogs, but this little Pomeranian may soon be called “The King” of Elvis-related canines.

On his Instagram page, Jiff the Pomeranian is described as a model, actor and Covergirl. And yes, you heard us right, Jiff has his own Instagram page and a Snapchat too.

That’s just the beginning of little Jiff’s résumé, though, as he’s also broken the Guinness World Record for being the fastest dog on two paws
and was featured in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video.

But Perry better watch out, as this furry little guy is sure to have a bright music career ahead of him, as shown by his Elvis-impersonating skills.

Besides, Katy Perry may be beautiful, but no one can compete with a face like Jiff’s. His adorable smile combined with his Elvis costume, Jiff is inspiring “Burning Love” in just about everyone.


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