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Aerial video reminds us of the beauty of Arizona

It’s easy to forget how beautiful Arizona is, especially while other states are encompassed in vibrant autumn leaves or the picturesque landscape of snow.

But nothing beats Arizona sunsets.

A new aerial video, taken by helicopter pilot Jerry Ferguson, reminds us of this commonly-held opinion in the Grand Canyon State.

The video takes us over Tempe Town Lake, one of the prettiest locations in southern Arizona, where the water reflects the golden sky and the Phoenix skyline can be seen in the distance.

Something to notice is all the cars driving by this gorgeous site on the freeway, probably coming home from work and completely missing out on this incredible view.

So the next time you’re one of those hurrying, oblivious commuters, just pull over for a moment and soak in the beauty that is your home.

Because Arizona is highly under-appreciated when it comes to its landscape, and its time for us to show it some love.