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How do US drinking habits compare internationally?

When it comes to alcohol consumption, the United States seems to be a world away from eastern Europe, though it’s nowhere near as moderate as some countries in the Middle East, according to a recent Wall Street Journal study.

The report examined consumption data from 2010, looking at how many liters of alcohol were consumed by those aged 15 years in older.

Belarus led the world, averaging 17.5 liters consumed per capita, while Pakistan’s 0.1-liter mark ranked the lowest.

Other eastern European countries like Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Grenada, Latvia and Croatia all ranked in the top 18.

The U.S., meanwhile, came in at 48th on the list, with an average consumption of 9.2 liters among those who were 15 or older in 2010. Cyprus and Sweden consumed the same amount per capita.

Notably, France ranked 19th, Australia 20th, the United Kingdom 25th and Canada came in at 40th.

Countries like Libya, Kuwait, Mauritania, Sudia Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Bhutan, Jordan, Afghanistan, Oman and Iran all averaged consumption of 1 liter or less.