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Warhead candies elicit dramatic, sometimes violent reactions from Korean students

Perhaps no candy name is really as indicative of its future effect on you as ‘Warheads’ — those which declare a sort of war on your taste buds (which are located in your head). Is that a stretch for a lede? Yeah, probably.

I guess my point is, well, Snickers bars don’t make you snicker. (If they do, that’s strange.) And Skittles don’t make you skittle. Babe Ruths don’t make you some heavyset baseball legend.

Oh yeah, Crunch bars. (Who eats Crunch bars?) Crunch bars — they definitely crunch. Okay. And, yes, M&M’s may cause you to declare, “Mmm.” And, “Mmm.”


Here’s the point: These kids in South Korea were given Warheads from their American teacher. War was declared and their taste buds were the victims.