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Robin Williams fans turn ‘Good Will Hunting’ bench into memorial

On Monday night, the entertainment world was rocked by the news that Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams had died.

People all over the world set out to memorialize the actor in their own way, but the folks over in Boston have set up a pretty awesome memorial.

According to BuzzFeed, people went to the bench used in “Good Will Hunting” to remember Williams. (Note: Clip contains some strong language)

The scene is regarded as one of the best in Williams’ long career, which is saying something.

The idea to leave messages on the bench first occurred to 29-year-old Nick Rabchenuk.

“I wrote the line from Good Will Hunting and traced my feet to represent his when he was sitting on the bench,” he said.

Williams, 63, died of an apparent suicide, the Marin County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Office said.