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Misty Copeland reveals true beauty and grace in latest Under Armour commercial

Most recognized her as the first African American female soloist in the American Ballet Theatre.

But in a new, rather candid Under Armour commercial Misty Copeland reveals a different side of her journey to the stage.

The commercial poignantly opens with Copeland warming up before a routine, while a young girl narrates over with a cold rejection letter — one that list all the physical reasons the unnamed applicant was not accepted.

But the moment the narration concludes, the commercial quickly flashes to one Copeland’s dazzling displays of ballet.

Copeland, who didn’t begin her career until she was 13 years of age, has often been characterized for her muscular, more pronounced physical attributes — typically considered a downfall within the industry.

But serving as the face of Under Armour’s new ‘I Will Want I Want’ campaign, the 31-year-old illustrates how much beauty exists in attempting to fulfill one’s dreams.