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‘Spider-Man’ fights man outside Dublin cafe

Do not tick Spider-Man off, you guys.

The costumed crimefighter — or rather, a man dressed as him — had a gnarly confrontation with an unknown gentleman in a track suit on Dublin street.

While I’d like to believe the man in the spandex onesie was upset with the guy’s fashion choices, early reports indicate the fellow was attempting to steal the money “Spider-Man” had made all day after posing with tourists.

Both men are not exactly of formidable build, but Spider-Man still wins the fight — sans web-slinging.

Incidentally, the altercation occurred outside the Gotham Cafe, so clearly, we’re in some alternate DC-meets-Marvel universe here.

A Dublin law enforcement spokesperson confirmed that two men, ages 25 and 39, “were arrested on South Anne’s street around 4pm yesterday and were taken to Irishtown Garda Station. Both men were later released without charge,” according to the Independent.