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Mark Ruffalo freaks out after seeing Paul Rudd at Comic-Con

It’s not unusual to see people freaking out over meeting a celebrity at San Diego’s famous Comic-Con. After all, the event is star-studded and gives fans a chance to meet some of the biggest actors in Hollywood.

But it’s really fun when celebrities freak out meeting other celebrities. It’s sometimes hard to remember that, when you take away the glitz, glam and million-dollar paychecks, they’re everyday people. They’re fans of other actors and can just as excited as the everyday fan.

The world saw that on Friday, when Paul Rudd was being interviewed about the new “Ant-Man” movie. It’s a pretty tame interview until “Avengers” co-star Mark Ruffalo pops up in the background.

He asks a reporter about three minutes in if the person being interviewed is Paul Rudd and the fun begins.