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Dog freaks out, passes out when family member returns after 2 years

One woman returned home to see her family in Pennsylvania after two years, and a pet could hardly stand itself upon the joyous rendezvous, as seen in a super viral video that has already been watched almost 14 million times since it was published Thursday.

The family’s dog, a schnauzer named Casey, squeals and embraces the young woman. The dog then rolls over and passes out for a moment amid all the rejoicing.

Goes to show that some animals have really, really good memories.

The video’s description says the long-lost woman was living and working in Slovenia over the past couple of years. It also notes the schnauzer was taken to a veterinarian after passing out, but that “everything is fine.”

Note: You may want to turn down your speakers for the start of the following video, as the dog doesn’t hold anything back when greeting the family member.