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Arizona gets LEGO-fied in ‘The 50 States of LEGO’

Arizona has been LEGO-fied by a Canadian photographer who is looking to recreate the world brick by brick.

According to the Huffington Post, Jeff Friesen began building the LEGO representations of U.S. states in 2013, using nothing but the LEGO bricks and pieces in his daughter’s collection.

His endless imagination resulted in a unique project, The 50 States of LEGO, containing each state in America capturing a very defining aspect of the place’s history, geography or culture.

For Arizona, he brought a much-needed spark of humor to the current immigration issues surrounding our state.

“To be honest, John and Juan are still on the fence about their friendship.”

Friesen’s work has been ruling the internet since he introduced his work last fall.

He is also the creator of other popular LEGO scenes such as “The Great LEGO North” and “Bricksy.” In September, he will be releasing a book with 40 exclusive new scenes.

Friesen said he is confident in his collection of the 50 states — despite being a native of the Canadian province Manitoba.