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Weird Al rants, raves over ‘first world problems’

Weird Al Yankovic wants you to know that despite his successful music career and his celebrity friends, he’s JUST LIKE YOU.

He, too, has “First World Problems.”

As part of “Weird Al Week”, the musician-slash-accordion aficionado released one new music video a day last week, in honor of his new album “Mandatory Fun,” which dropped July 15.

One of the final videos of the week was a loud rock song — a Weird Al original — that focused on the inane, trivial, “first world problems” so many of us complain about on social media.

Donning a shoddy, choppy, bleached blond wig — to make him look “hip,” maybe? — Al loses his cool over cold shower water, buying too many groceries and being unable to fast-forward during live TV.

(And a bonus shout-out to The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer for her backing vocals on the song!)