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Video shows chaos of massive, deadly rock slide in China

A stunning video was posting to YouTube on Saturday that shows an up-close look at a massive rock slide that took place in China earlier in the week.

The result of the chaos was no laughing matter. According to, 11 people died in the rock slide, and another 19 were injured. The boulders started falling Thursday afternoon along a national highway in China’s Sichuan Province.

Footage of the rock slide looks to have been taken from a dash cam. Several people get out of their cars and run for shelter, but, unthinkably, many others stand in the road and gawk at the onslaught of boulders.

One man is shown deftly standing with his back to a vertical rock wall that separates the highway from the mountain. claims the man is a geometry teacher. If true, it explains why he knew which was the best angle to take for his best chance of survival.