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Tour de France champion cycles through Channel Tunnel in under an hour

Not only is Chris Froome the defending Tour de France champion, he purportedly has become the first person to ride a bike through Europe’s Channel Tunnel in less than an hour.

The 50 kilometer (roughly 31 miles) tunnel is underwater in the English Channel, connecting the southeastern United Kingdom to northern France.

In a video released by the Team Sky cycling team, with support from Jaguar, the 29-year-old Froome is seen biking through the underground passageway in 55 minutes. The video says he’s the first man to cycle the English Channel, and thus he has the fastest time.

Footage of Froome’s feat was published Monday, although it says he made the trek back on June 1.

Don’t worry: The video is not 55 minutes long. It conveniently condenses it down for viewers to a little more than two minutes, with music and champion cyclist’s narration added in. It looks like he’s going fast.

Let’s see a raise of hands: Who’s eager to bike the same tunnel after seeing this?