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2 friends offer 9 ways to pass time at an airport after hours

A man was stuck at an airport and decided to record a music video of himself, which garnered him some heavy attention on the Internet last month.

A new video made by two friends takes the same backdrop of an empty airport, but they decide to kick it up a notch by making it a little more instructional.

Shot at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, “9 Ways to Pass Time” was posted to BennyZProductions’ YouTube channel on Wednesday. The two buddies offer some ideas on what to do with yourself if you’re stuck with a long wait for your next flight.

They said they debated adding music to the clip — which was a major component of last month’s viral airport video — but they didn’t want to give off the impression that the airport was livelier than it actually was.

Granted, some of these ideas won’t work if you’re on your own, but the best ones I saw include sprinting on the moving walkway, playing “King of the Hill” on the shoe shine chairs and doing gymnastics on the air train.

Take a look and see if you get any new ideas for how to pass time while waiting for your next flight.