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Dog spoiled by 100 balls for birthday

Imagine you’re a dog named Maymo. It’s your birthday. What could you possibly want? A bone? A biscuit? A belly scratch?

No, silly. A ball. Actually, 100 of them.

Now, not to arouse childhood bitterness or anything, but imagine for a second what life would have looked like if your parents were as extravagantly pampering as these canine parents on your birthday. One hundred of your favorite thing in the world.

You’d have a belly ache or a bicycle shop. Perhaps you’d have the set of the next Lego movie in your bedroom or a harem of Barbies or an incredibly valuable Beanie Babies collection. Maybe you’d have pogs. Remember those? Wow.

Whatever the case, you’d likely be so whelmed that, like this dog, you’d take a nap after the receipt of it all.