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Marine surprises his sister by coming home for her wedding

Wedding videos are the best, aren’t they? There’s always a chance that a really big moment can happen — other than a couple tying the knot, course.

Earlier Tuesday, we shared a video in The Lasso of a groom showing off his impressive soccer skills while walking down the aisle.

Another wedding-related clip — posted earlier in the month — that has been popular on YouTube recently involves a Marine who surprises his sister by showing up at her wedding. Nearly 2 million people have watched the siblings’ reunion.

And when you watch the video, to say the sister is shocked to see him is an understatement. Warning: You may want to make sure you speakers aren’t all the way up before you watch.

Her makeup got a little messed up with tears of joy, but it looks like it was worth it. After she first hugs her brother, she asks him if he has time to see the whole wedding. He had to leave the following day, but that’s all the time he needed to send his sister off.