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Soccer-skilled groom shows off at wedding ceremony

When I first watched the video below, I flashed back to my own wedding and thought, Man, I’m a loser.

Here’s some soccer pro, looking fly, juggling a ball with his feet — and his head and his neck, et al — down the aisle of the church where he’s about to get married.

He’s so cool. I’m so not.

Then it dawned on me: Isn’t it the bride who people await, stand for, gasp and gawk at? She’s the one with the entrance music, the hours and hours of beauty preparation and the bouquet.

Meanwhile, we’ve got this guy — Daniel Cutting, namely — drawing as much attention to himself as possible. At one point, he even encourages the attendees to clap for him by clapping for himself.

And it’s not like he needed this kind of attention from his small, intimate wedding crowd. Cutting hold Guinness World Records for this stuff. He’s a professional freestyle soccer guy.

He even self-titled the video, on his own YouTube page, “Groom’s Amazing Football Skills on Wedding Day – ‘Aisle Freestyle.'”

It seems the ubiquitous lust for viral glory has entered even the purest of contexts.

This guy. What a — oh, I won’t go there. I just hope this “look at me” stuff doesn’t carry into his marriage, because he really dropped the ball here.

Actually, maybe my inferiority just sent overboard with that rant.

I’m such a loser.