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Michael Jackson sings, dances in hologram Billboard performance

For a mere four minutes Sunday night, it almost felt like Michael Jackson was still with us.


I gotta admit; I was pretty impressed. The Michael Jackson hologram performance was nearly six months in the making. When it was initially discussed, in preparation of the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, the technology for it didn’t even fully exist yet.

In his “performance” Sunday night on the Billboard Music Awards, Jackson sings and dances to “Slave to the Rhythm,” the new single off his new album called “Xscape,” which features previously-unreleased recordings by the pop star.

The setting and Jackson’s clothing is reminiscent of his “Dangerous” phase, as the song itself was initially recorded in the early ’90s. Jackson “danced” with real-life dancers who were physically on the Billboard stage. Jackson’s moves, however, were created by a “stand-in performer who recreated his steps for a computer that then laid on an image intended to replicate Jackson,” according to CNN.

What do YOU think of the hologram?