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Watch Americans try Coca-Cola for the first time

BuzzFeed gathered a handful of young Americans to watch them try Coca-Cola for the first time. Not Diet Coke, not Pepsi, just the original Coke.

If you’re wondering how anybody has reached such an age without trying Coke, one man said he’s diabetic, one said he’s just been partial to Pepsi his whole life and one woman said she never drank soda growing up.

Time magazine says the company’s sales dropped 8 percent in the first quarter of 2014, and that soda sales fell 1 percent over the same period of time. However, non-carbonated beverage sales increased during that time.

So it looks like popping open a can of soda just doesn’t happen as much as it once did, and many people are turning to alternative drinks, perhaps in efforts to be more health conscious.

Watch to see if any of the test subjects enjoy the experience of trying Coke for the first time. There are some pretty funny reactions involved.