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Australian clothing line debuts internal organ-clad swimsuit

Many guys see women in bathing suits and might wonder what’s underneath, but one clothing line is taking it a layer deeper — to the heart…and the lungs and many of the other organs within one’s torso.

Black Milk Clothing is selling a limited supply of “Dem Guts” swimsuits, according to the Huffington Post. The one-piece bathing suit has pictures of many of the body’s major organs, making it look like you can see the wearer’s insides.

The “Guts” suit is current selling for $84 (USD).The Australian designer is known for some pretty bizarre offerings, but this swimsuit might take the cake.

It’s doubtful many women are going to go for a sexy look while rocking the design, but maybe some will wear it ironically?

Huffington Post says it would like to see the one-piece on a future edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That would be good for a few laughs.