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Video shows ever-worsening, destructive landslide in Baltimore

Several parked, unoccupied vehicles got stuck or heavily damaged in a Baltimore landslide earlier this week, and a YouTube video published Thursday shows the scene slowly building to a crescendo.

The landslide was initially called a sinkhole by many, but a National Geographic article points out that a sinkhole is when the ground caves in to create a void in a piece of land, as was the case when several classic Corvettes took a plunge in a Kentucky museum in February.

A landslide, however, occurs on a hillside, on a slope, on the face of a cliff or generally anywhere where there’s a steep angle, which is what happened in Baltimore.

The YouTube video shows the landslide happening in real time, and you see it build up to its destructive final act — to a chorus of screams — before the footage cuts off. It literally ends with a boom.

Stinks for the owner of the vehicles, but it made for quite an amazing sight to see.